Haunted Red Ash in Caryville,TN

Update on Red Ash & Turley Cemetery

October 19, 2010
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We returned about 1 month ago with a team of investigators and found the Turley Cemetery and the Gated Grave. I was surprised at how small the cemetery was. It was very neglected. While there other thrill seekers barged in and disrespected the place, so I feel for any spirits who may visit or linger there IF there are spirits in the old graveyard. Certaintly, we had some odd & creepy experiences. I am currently 6 investigations back logged so it may be several more weeks before I can update what we captured there, but I will let you know.

Also, please be sure you’re checking our main website at www.paranormalspectrum.com for ghostly legends and research results. Blessings ALL!


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