Haunted Red Ash in Caryville,TN

Red Ash in Caryville makes the Grade!

May 21, 2012
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Without a doubt the Red Ash ghost legends have earned a chapter and many sub chapters in my latest book available now online. The title is: Chasing Ghost Tales in Tennessee – Author Tammy J. Poore.  This book shares  our experiences as we explore and research  local hauntings in an attempt to validate the claims of spiritual presences. Red Ash in Caryville, TN made the grade (I could literally write a book about the ghost stories, satanic worshiping stories, murders and suicides in this area but that’s not what this book is about – maybe next time though!). You can search Amazon.com/books by title or author, the book is a trade paperbook and is $10, or you can buy it direct from my e-store at this link provided. https://www.createspace.com/3781502


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