Haunted Red Ash in Caryville,TN

Red Ash in Caryville may be one of my regrets

January 10, 2016
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How can I possibly regret a place, an unofficial, proposed haunted place? Well, when I first began ghost hunting, Red Ash wasn’t as notorious. I can lay claim to the fact that myself, and my paranormal friends, brought notoriety to Red Ash. We were some of the pioneering paranormal researchers sharing our experiences out there.

However, much destruction has come to some of the cemeteries and hot spots in that area and I am certain we would like to not be a part of the reason so many people know about and visit this area in search of a thrill, or evidence of ghosts, or evil or whatever drives each individual to wander out there.
I regret I ever shared the details of our investigations publicly.
I do not regret, however, exploring that side of the spiritual realm, and plan to explore more. But on a very different playing field.


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